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    Default Xantia cutting out

    My Xantia (2 litre Turbo CT) was showing signs of fuel starvation, especially on longer runs. It would start OK, ran OK on small throttle openings, but felt down on power when you tried to open it up.

    Then it started cutting out - initially only rarely, and near the end of a 200 km run. No warning light (until the motor stopped spinning and they would all light up), so no indication of what was wrong. Gradually it got worse - usually happened when I tried to accelerate, or climb a hill. Engine would cut out and you couldn't clutch start it - had to turn key off, then it would start normally. The last straw was when it happened every few km on the way home from Coffs Harbour .

    Having earlier changed fuel filter and checked injectors without any improvement, I decided I'd better have a look at the in-tank fuel pump. Looked like it had never been disturbed before (car is 15 years old this year), and sure enough the pump filter was covered in black silt.

    Washed and re-assembled, and all appears well. Performance is restored to normal, and so far there has been no recurrence of the engine cut-out problem.

    Are the two issues actually related? Does the engine management system cut the ignition if it detects an excessively lean mixture?



    PS - no doubt black gunk is "punishment" for using 10% ethanol fuel, which has presumably liberated the dirt that had settled in the tank after 15 years. However the car runs so well on it, and the saving can be so big compared to buying 95 or 98 PULP that I will continue feeding it the ethanol blend.


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    Hi Alec,

    I am glad you got that fuel starvation issue sorted out fairly easily. I guess the ECUs do have some protective algorithms in them for when the engine revs, injection parameters and oxygen sensor results just don't add up. It would have been interesting to read some codes from the ECU at the time. I am sure there would have been some mixture control errors there.

    I have tried out some 95 ethanol based fuel in my CT engine but it still pinged a bit. I have found that it will go OK on V-power but seems just as happy on Woolies 96 octane. Don't seem to get very good fuel consumption on anything. I guess I just love to get that turbo pumping a few times a day.


    Ken W.

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