'06 C5 brake light switch location ??
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    Default '06 C5 brake light switch location ??

    ESP/ASR warning on screen , car intermittently lets shift from Park to othr gears, otherwise locks in Park. Brake lights only work , all three, at random, on these random applications Park release is allowed. Have swappd in new fuse 10A to F4 of fuse box C - lower rack in glovebox.
    Have looked up pedal from floor and not see a switch in view or accessable. Are they simple mechanical pin switch or some unique fluid prssure sensitive screwed in the master cylinder, or anywhere betwen LHS mounted master and RHS pedals ?

    Oddly , cruise control behaved nicely.

    First symptom - warning on screen, was raised with a dealer who felt no real need to attend to it !!


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    There are instructions in the Haynes C5 manual.

    Says RHD models remove passengers side lower fascia panel (as described in Ch 11). Then disconnect wiring plug, rotate the switch 90 degrees anti-clockwise and remove it.

    Always worth spending the money even if you don't own one. Mine is a C5X7 but has same engine and GB as late Series 2 C5.


    Ken W

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    Yep, most recent CitroŽn/Peugeot models that are RHD have a long torque tube arrangement from the pedal in the driver's footwell to the passenger footwell, where you will find the lever that actuates the master cylinder.

    It should look a little something like this:
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