looking for a HY van
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    Icon7 looking for a HY van

    Hello, I'm looking for a citroen hy van in ok order to convert into a food van. Any ideas or suggestions where I might find one, they look so good, saw one done up in Japan lately, might have to go there for one ?


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    They show up from time to time on US ebay of all places.

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    One Japanese member of our club "Les Amis du Type H" has a number of H vans and franchises to sell food from them in front off the major railway stations and public centres. It is unlikely that he would want to sell one as he comes over to France regularly to buy more.
    The logical place to buy one is in France where 95% of them live.
    I arranged the transfer of one to Melbourne at the end of last year and which is being fitted out for food sales. If you are serious I will put you in touch with the network here that buys and sells them.
    Note that they are not easily converted to RHD and all spares will have to be imported.
    There was an epicerie mobile shop for sale recently and I hope to be able to see it in early June, if still available. It needed some suspension repairs and I have the parts but not the time to fix it.
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