Fuel filter blocking? Check your tank!
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    Default Fuel filter blocking? Check your tank!

    I report this experience in the hope that it may help someone.


    2007 C5 Hdi 2.2TT, 125,000km. Premature blockage of fuel filter at 75,000km i.e. filter 35,000km old. Since then changed every 20,000km.

    Recently the fuel filter, only a few thousand km old, appeared to be blocking again. (Beep - speed management system faulty - depollution system faulty). To Citroen agent, error code showed low fuel pressure, same as previous time.

    Fuel sample from tank showed a lot of suspended matter. Further investigation showed the tank had heaps of gunk adhering to the sides and bottom.

    The Citroen mechanic tells me it is the result of a reaction between Australia's poor quality diesel and the Eolys additive. Not the first time he has seen it. If this is indeed so, there must be a few PSA Hdi's of this vintage and mileage out there heading for similar problems.

    The tank was removed and cleaned, lines cleaned, and fuel filter replaced. Seemed OK, and presumably will be until time allows more gunk to accumulate.

    Now, I am not a very mechanically minded person, and the above is as it was told to me, and I really cannot add much to this. I have noted comments about fuel filters blocking on this forum, and wonder if they have the start of similar troubles.

    It will not surprise you to know that Citroen Australia declined any goodwill contribution.

    Regards, Lukewarm.

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    THe C4 here did the same thing at 16,000kms from new... They replaced the injection pump, injectors and a few other things..... Before the changed the fuel filter fixing it. Gee's I wish we could have the parts they'd removed. They have to be worth a fortune!

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    There are (or certainly were pre crash) a number of threads in the Peugeot forum on this subject. I have no direct knowledge on your vehicle, but as I recall in Peugeots the eolys fluid is injected into the tank when you replace the filler cap (it has magnets in it to trigger the sensor. If you do a lot of partial fills, excess fluid may be injected.

    It's getting more popular, Ford, Volvo and even Kia are using the stuff. Wonder how it compares to the AdBlue the trucks use?
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