Tracking angle of rear wheels in C5
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    Default Tracking angle of rear wheels in C5

    I have noticed that my current shape C5's rear wheels appear to differ from L to R. For example, if you look at say the L rear wheel, the tyre is say 50mm away from the wheel arch (at the front end), and the R wheel, the tyre may be much closer at say 25mm. On other occasions, the pattern is reversed. I am wondering if that is expected or abnormal? The tyre wear on the rear tyres is OK. My C5 is going in for routine service on Monday plus resolution of an error fault message relating to "depollution system failure" that occurred the other week.
    Any thoughts on my observations relating to the rear wheels would be welcome before I take the car to the service centre on Monday.


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    Richo, In this case I believe you are off the mark.
    This is a current shape C5 and therefore none of the traditional trailing arms in pivoting roller bearings. These things have multi link geometry with rubber bushes in seemingly hundreds of places. Even the spheres and cylinders are not mounted in a "horizontal" fashion.

    It could well be that the number of rubber bushes allow differing alignments when parked with loadings in different directions...after all it is being observed in a parked mode, and the tyre wear is apparently OK.

    No doubt David S or UFO will add to the thread.

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    I don't have a definitive answer and you'd certainly raise your observations, but it does have a multi-link suspension, so possibly what you are seeing depends on how/where the car is parked. You might also see a pattern in variation in the vertical position. The handbrake is also on the rear wheels, so they are not free to move like cars with the handbrake on the front, so that may play some part.

    (Warning for DIY'ers here, although there shouldn't be many yet with the X7 C5 - Disconnect the battery if you change the rear pads yourself to protect the electric handbrake system. If it activates without pads, you can have an expensive problem to fix.)

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