Citroen C4 nightmare !!!!
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    Icon8 Citroen C4 nightmare !!!!

    I am the owner of a 2008 2.0 HDI C4 mated to the 6 speed auto. An alarming issues has arisen over the last few weeks that is downright dangerous and I want to see if anyone has the same problem and how they fixed it.

    Put simply, the car will not accelerate under load once you get over 40km. If you accelerate slowly the car will rev out put as soon as you put it under load it doesn't do anything, it just sits there and actually starts to lose power and slow down. You have to take your foot off the pedal a little to start to accelerate. It is like it has a problem with the torque being generated by the engine.

    I am taking it to the Citroen Dealer tomorrow but am afraid they will spin me a story, charge me heaps and then not fix the problem.

    Has anyone had this problem before?


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    Fuel filter
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    Auto need reprogramming?
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    I am taking it to the Citroen Dealer tomorrow but am afraid they will spin me a story, charge me heaps and then not fix the problem.
    Why automatically assume this?

    Please make sure you come back and inform us of the outcome.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DoubleChevron View Post
    Fuel filter
    Yes, you'd probably start there. The dealer will look for fault codes that suggest a filter blockage or otherwise. Really, if you don't trust them, you might want to look elsewhere??? I thought they had a good reputation though.

    If you look at other posts in the forum, you will find reference to a cracked y-piece in the vacuum hoses down the front of the engine, which causes a loss of turbo boost because it's a vacuum operated variable turbo. It just makes the car feel very gutless and holds lower gears for longer. A failed turbo or it's vacuum line falling off somewhere would feel much the same i.e. gutless.

    Another possibility is the cataylst or the particle filter (aka FAP) are partly blocked. You'd expect to see some kind of pollution fault warning. There was a cleaning procedure video on Youtube at one point, but that's definitely not a DIY job. An uncommon problem you can check quickly yourself is to look for a split in the rubber air hoses behind the radiator. Low power, oil leakage there and a very sooty exhaust will give that away, but it doesn't really sound like your problem.

    So, it may be simple or it may be more involved. See what the dealer says.

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