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    G'day folks,
    After 5 years with out a classic citroen I have now bought myself the ultimate DS - a SM. I am very pleased with it and after looking at several feel that I got a good one. This one was restored by SM Australia with all the mods in 2001 and as far as I can tell has only done about 2500 miles since. It is in beautiful nick with only a couple of minor blemishes. I have since put it on club plates as I will only drive it 90 days a year. I am feeling more relaxed behind the wheel now I have clocked up 150 miles or so. It is left hand drive which combined with it's size takes some getting used to. But it wafts along with a nice snarl from the twin exhausts and I am enjoying the experience including the fast steering. The maserati engine is heaps more fun than the old DS donk. Having owned a few DS's over the years I have always considered the SM to be the ultimate development of the DS. A sexy two door body with the superb hydraulic suspension, an Italian super car engine and a 70's leather supercar interior and aircon that works. Mine is a 2.7 5 speed. Anyway I have attached a few images of it from over the years and if you can offer any info on this SM's history then I am all ears.
    cheers Tony

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    Default Sm

    Tony, it is beautiful.

    I recognize the car, was it in Unique Cars several months ago and the same guy was selling a lovely DS with apricot interior?

    I noticed the similarity in plates.

    The SM is just superb and what a great car.

    Chris Mortimer

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    I remember seeing this car at the garage in Darlinghurst, drool, it's not actually a car but THE masterpiece of auto engineering! The French headlight set will finish the look, worth the expense I believe.
    One day....

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