C2 'Celia' all better now
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    Default C2 'Celia' all better now

    Coupla weeks ago I lodged a plaint detailing the sad and costly story of our 30-months old 'mango yellow' C2 that crapped herself making it only 3/4 way back to Hornsby from a return journey to Bermagui.
    The car finally spat the dummy just north of Kiama, and it cost us $400 for the car and three passengers to be delivered home. Local mechanic (not a French car specialist) who had been servicing the car, put the scanner to work and came up with a bunch of fault codes, including crank angle sensor which I ordered and fitted, to no avail. The car continued to defy efforts at resolving the many issues, which now included the battery warning light flashing continuously, and a series of issues with the immobilizer and key suggesting 'Celia' thought she was being hijacked. By all indications, it appeared the only straightforward move was to face re-programming the ECU. Line of least resistance was to haul the C2 a short distance to Simon at P504 in James Street, Hornsby. Took them a token couple of hours (and $253) to determine that the coil pack was not mounted down hard enough (aka 'loose') A very simple thing once identified, but why make the system so user unfriendly, even "user spiteful" Strange that roughly 500km of the journey was covered before this unknown cancer showed itself. Thanks for listening, people !


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    Quote Originally Posted by 306cabmad View Post
    Coupla weeks ago I lodged a plaint ..., but why make the system so user unfriendly, even "user spiteful" ... Thanks for listening, people !
    I think we are always happy to listen and offer advise.
    Some of it good - some of it not so... ergo...

    Good to hear it was resolved.
    C2 is a great car. Drive it like you mean it!

    ...But I dont get it - problems are simple to fix when you know whats wrong.
    I dont think its a case of the system being user unfriendly.
    The user had little to do with it.
    Sounds like a case of someones been playing with the coil-pack - why was it loose?
    A service person with knowledge sorted it. Lesson learnt - enough said.
    Take it to Citroen and give 'her' a proper memory dump and upload. Money well spent for piece of mind.
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