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    Default Another DS question

    Hi, I seem to have solved most of the overheating problem in my DS21.

    It got to 100C on the gauge on the last stretch from Brighton (beach) up to Blackwood, the other day, which is not that good. The under-bonnet and inside the car temperatures were high. But a run from Blackwood up to Crafers (top of the nearby hills) only produced 90C - a bit better, and the whole car was noticeably cooler.

    My question is - what pressure radiator cap should be used? The existing one is a French one and the only markings are - RC2 and 280.


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    In the old money
    4lbs if it is a vertical flow radiator with no expansion tank.
    Same as for an FJ Holden
    280kpa in the new money

    7lb or 8lbs with a cross-flow radiator and expansion tank.
    500 or 560kpa in the new money.

    Reasonably certain I've posted this info on the past, could've been before the "crash".

    Hope this helps
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