Morning-Just reading about 'the busted strut syndrome.
My youngest son has a S1 Xantia which we bought fro 'young' Dave C. & F.C.-Too good to wreck class.
Repaired the u/s pipe after strut failure by re-routing the new pipe rather than stripping the 'whole damm thing' ABSOLUTELY DUMB ENGINEERING DESIGN.
Anyhow if anyone spots a good S11 bonnet in silver I would appreciate a buzz.
Sadly some 'intelligent' person has pulled down on ALL of the Citroen bonnets @ one of the wrecking yards.
Could it be someone who is has a stash of Cit. bonnets @ is jelous of another guys business operations.
As a matter of interest the Cit we got from Dave had a pollen filter change the other day.HMMM-Not Dave's fault as he bought the car in but the filter was literally STUFFED-stuffed with so much stuff that it may have had only one change -if lucky.I will donate it to Dave for his 'This is how you REALLY LOOK AFTER YOUR FROGMOBILE Collection.
Thanks Pekay.
Mob. 0408 100 364 should you see a bonnet.