XM Damaged by Speed Hump
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    Default XM Damaged by Speed Hump

    My 1994 Series II suffered a suspension failure on Monday as I went over a speed hump here at Monash University. The drivers side front strut did the usual thing and has damaged the bonnet. My good mate Elliott has offered to fix it for me but my insurance company will probably write it off. It's being assessed on Tuesday so will find out then. It's such a nice car to drive so I am really reluctant to let it go. Test drove a 2011 C5 late last year but it was not as good to drive as the XM. So I am asking myself is it worth repairing the XM or should I just let it go or maybe buy another one?


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    If you like the car you have got .... I'd fix it Better the devil you know... You of course realise the other side strut mount will also need doing? I can't see how this (being a wear and tear mechanical problem) will be covered by insurance though

    Take a look here:


    The price of a pair of strut mounts, bonnet & painting is going to be far more than the XM.

    If it was mine I would get rid of it and get something decent .... Like a CX if the gearbox in it is flaring changes ... or the motor is using coolant, this is just one of a few very large bills that car will present you with in the near future.

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    I caught the strut mounts on my '90 model just before failure. Just under $3k for a pair of new citroen strut mounts - twice what I paid for the car.

    But as the rest of it was in good nick, so I figured $3k for hopefully another 4 or 5 years was of problem free XMing was good value.

    I am now thinking you by a set of good strut mounts and change the XM around it on a regular basis

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