'03 C5 - good news story
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    Default '03 C5 - good news story

    I've noted there are plenty of posts regarding C5's and their gremlins, i've made the odd one myself, but after clocking up about 43,000km in the 2 years I've had the car i thought it time to give it a balanced review. (rather that a frustrated post after something breaks)

    Car - Late 2003 2L petrol auto wagon, light blue with grey interior. Picked it up in Feb 2010 for $12,300. with 87.000km It's now at 131,000km, i serviced it myself at 90k, 110k and 130k and have changed coolant, air filter and the usual oil/filter changes using fully synthetic Castrol Edge 5-30w that I got really cheap a few years back.
    In that time it has had a few issues, but nothing major or expensive:
    The CD player has never worked, i'll get around to changing head units one day.
    Broken int door handle - $20 S/H
    Climate control Fan module x2. fixed myself first for $12. 2nd $230 sourced, fitted & bypass melted plug.
    Auto trans flushed & serviced $650 after a rough gear change one day.
    New set of Michelin XM1+ after Pirelli P6's wore out really quick.
    All up cost for the servicing & repairs (ex tyres) is less than $1000.
    Fuel use (in regional area) is generally in the 8.5 l/100 km. worst of 9 and about 7 on a trip.
    The C5 is certainly the most comfortable cruising car we've had and copes with the rigors of family transport and load lugging really well. Seems more roomy and more practical than its replacement. The extra ground clearance is great when sneaking up to the Murray for the weekend too.

    Only 3 small things still bug me,
    - rear wiper activates randomly when driving and every time you open the tailgate.
    - map lights no longer work.
    - can't find a towbar anywhere.


    My wife ran up the back of another car in the C5 today (at very low speed), but its towbar went all the way into through the lower grille section. amazingly only a few scratches resulted. ithe tobar pushed the lower grille off its clips and into the space behind. Thankfully the long nose of the C5 meant the A/C and radiation fan were well out of the way. not many cars can get away with that these days.

    All things considered I would buy one again and recommend a well maintained one to someone who was prepared have a go at the basic jobs and source the right parts themselves.


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    Well done Darren. My old 2003 C5 hdi was the best car Iv'e ever owned re. comfort, economy and reliability. I sold it after 7 years to a friend and bought the x7 C5. I still miss the old one, although I see it regularly. Great for country driving.

    Hope you continue to enjoy it.


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    Default Another Happy C5 Owner

    We've had a 2005 2.0 litre petrol C5 since January 09. Bought it with 69000km and it now has 118000km. Its run perfectly. It's had two only two problems, one with the air con module which cost $18 to fix and the right hand rear door lock which cost $500 to fix including labour.

    The car is never garaged, runs everyday to school and back and on shopping trips. Its also a great long distance touring car for the family. Its very economical, comfortable and quiet.

    I'm just grateful people criticise these cars so we can buy such great cars so cheaply.

    I do the services myself every 10000km. Costs me $25 for an oil filter and about $65 for five litres of the fully synethic Valvoline 5W-40.

    I had the timing belt and water pump changed at 80 000 for $600, that cheaper than for a subaru

    I changed the gearbox oil at 80000km and I'll do it again soon. I get 20 litres of oil from the Mobil Distributers for $160 so gearbox oil changes are dirt cheap.

    The only other thing is coolant changes every two years or so.

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    Default c5

    hi you can still get towbars brand new about $400

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