This is my first step on a forum, but being a Frog and a Citroen supporter, I thought I give it a go. In my travel business I propose 2Cv sightseeing tours in Paris. Some of you might have experienced it already: Goof fun!

A few weeks ago, the operator in Paris called to inform me of his project to have a 2CV car rallye from Paris to Nice in May and asked me if I wanted to pass on the info Downunder. I accepted of course.
Compare to other overseas rallye where you have to bring your own car, this one is unique as the operator is providing the cars. A great opportunity to drive a 2Cv if you havent experienced road sickness yet; (the deuch pitches and rolls like a boat!)
Anyway, if you feel like to be informed or take part to this rally, vist our dedicated web page http://www.franceatyourfingertips.com/citroenrallye.htm

Now, some of you may find a little bit extravagant to stay in exclusive hotels and pay a lot, therefore I am lauching the idea to collect some of the cars in Nice, once the rally is over and I propose a cheap individual 2Cv drive from Nice to Paris. Think about it, no French 2Cv rental company permit drivers to exceed 200 kms from their base. It's a unique opportunity for 2CV enthousiasts to enjoy a long one way ride at their own pace. If you are interested contact me [email protected]

In my Citroen life, Many years ago, I took part to the first Citroen Raid to Afghanistan... but that's for another day...