It aprox 300mm long and 40mm wide it made of plastic and costs $260.70 +gst, and sits on the rear quarter panel held in place with 2 clips, yep i got rear ended L/H side quarter panel busted tail lamp, some lovely deep gashes in the bumper bar, enhanced with some splendid markings of antique silver that does not match the chrome plated plastic bit, indeed no French master of fine works could do a better transformation for a C5 it looks somewhat "used", the old gentleman who decided to renovate my C5 insisted that I hit him however as I pointed out it was he that was at fault, I decided to go to the local panel work shop whilst waiting for the master of repairs to carry out his bit, the old bastard turned up in his Silver Mazda going the wrong way in a one way street, almost collected the front of the C5 and also a VW that was best fitted out with the same silver finish that adorned the rear of the C5, I am thinking about trading in the C5 on a very large Kenworth P/M. that should do the job.