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    Default Xantia Electric Window Switch

    Recently I removed the drivers door card from my Xantia. One of the first steps is to remove the inner door handle surround which has switches for the drivers and passengers electric windows.

    In a perverse way, courtesy of the Bureaux de Bastarde, they use a different guage wire for each side. The passengers side gets heavy duty yellow wire. The drivers side gets flimsy green wire. Both of the multiplugs need to be removed from the handle surround.

    The first time I broke a green wire, I was unable to work out how to undo the multiplug, so I silver soldered the wire to some stainless steel at the bottom of the hole.

    The second time I broke a wire, I had the time to fiddle and undo the multiplug. It has a flap on the rear that can be encouraged open. Visible are 5 stainless steel clips (only 4 in the photo as the middle one has been removed). These clips can also be encouraged to slide backwards, though it takes some effort.

    Once the clip is removed, one can see the remains of the broken green wire. Remove this, insert the wire and slide the clip back in. The slit (highlighted) cuts the insulation and makes good a connection. A pair of pliers aids in clamping the clip to the wire and later clamping the flap to fully close.


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