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    In my elusive quest to find some input power for the heater blower fan, I looked under the dash on the drivers side, behind the fuse box to find a collection of relays and "relay receptors" for lack of a better name. In the photos below, there are 3 receptors that don't have relays plugged in, though they have the correct pin configuration for a relay.

    The one I am interested in has a red and a green wire with spade connections inserted. Both these wires snake across to the heater blower motor. The red one belongs to the brown 4 pin blower plug. The green wire doesn't seem to have a home.

    A closer look in the second photo shows that the red wire has burnt the connector. There is no power there now. Only the green wire is alive, and then only after the ignition has been switched on. When I tried to use the green wire into the blower multiplug, it blew a fuse.

    Interestingly, there are 4 wires on the back of the receptor, ready for a relay, but instead there are just two wires plugged in.

    Does anyone have any idea what is going on here? Sadly, for a car full of relays, there seems to be no documentation as to which relay is which.

    The proper thing to do would be get a new receptor (probably not available) and replace the burnt one and reconnect all the wires. Unfortunately, it is neigh on impossible to get access to the rear.

    I am thinking of transferring the wires (or at least the red one) to one of the empty receptors, as each one has at least one live slot that comes active with the ignition. I guess there is little risk as in the worst situation a fuse will blow. Finding blown fuses has become a pastime for me of late.


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