The great men of Citroen twenties and thirties
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    Default The great men of Citroen twenties and thirties

    Hi all (from Chris M btw, having scrolling down issues on my iPad, and not able to sign off!!!!)

    Still in Cairns and having a great weather.
    My holiday reading has been going a treat, with the Reynolds third edition book Citroen 2cv.

    It is brilliant, even if you are not a deuce lover like I am.

    These men of Citroen have literally blown my brains, and I keep thinking back to that recent Owen Smith movie Midnight in Paris. Citroen heads would love if you understood the connection to those great creative brains with hung out and sipped coffee.

    Andre - amongst everything, all the genius we know about, was responsible for some of the steering mechanism on the Titanic.


    Boulanger - I feel really connected with this guy, but a great leader and encouraging of people creative. Full of great ideas, but needed the team approach to bring in to life. A perfectionist, a man with high moral values, a listener to what the public wanted, passionate, understated, visionary and the words could go on and on. He received some great decorations for bravery in world war one, and amongst many awards, received the honorary Order of the British Empire. He gave the Germans back what they dished out t the French at the time, and some of this is highly amusing.

    Lefebvre and Bertoni - do we all realize that these guys were extensively designers and builders of Traction, 2cv and id19. Lefebvre in particular I can really relate to, as he was part of that creative scene in Paris during the thirties. A brilliant driver too. Midnight In Paris depicts this "scene" beautifully by the way.

    Walter Becchia - I don't have the same understanding of like the two others mentioned, but I truly respect this man. The tiny 2cv engine had been an ongoing saga, but we got on board the TPV project and make it all happen within six days.

    The secrecy I completely understand, but these creative men are some of the most inspiring people I have had the pleasure of reading about.

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    Take yourself to see Tintin! Great film with heaps of 30s/40s cits, pugs and renaults! I really enjoy reading about the Citroen story as well. Sounds like you're having a good holiday!


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    It's a great pity CitroŽn no longer have the likes of these men (and Robert Opron a few decades on) to give the marque its sense of style and character.

    At least it happened once upon a time and all of us here owe something to each of them.
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