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    Default Elspanol Dyane

    Buenos dias

    happy new year to all and greetings from sunny Spain. Having a fab trip thus far.. just thought I'd share this Dyane 400 Elegance van we spotted the other day near my brother's place..south of Valencia.. I would say one third of the cars on the road are modern Citroens.. this is the first classic I've seen. Perhaps the experts can enlighten me on the model and year of this particular car. I love the matching orange interior and the chrome plated "toro" on the back! Ole!!


    Heading south tomorrow to Granada and Seville so maybe will spot a few more on the way.

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    I'm not a Cit guy so my guess at a very old car is the best I can do without Googling. My wife's aunt in Barcelona drove a Renault 4 that looked just like it until recently, with a long draw handbrake coming out of the dashboard.

    Your post is a real tease - I was in Valencia only a month ago briefing the Army just north of the city. I stayed at the Expotel in town and had a soldier chauffeur me to the Betera base every morning. Funny how food is always good anywhere in Spain. Have fun!

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    Not sure about the seat trim stripes, but Valencia Orange, yummo!

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    Usually those would be known as an Acadiane, that one is late '70's-early '80's. Dyane 400 was probably the Spanish market name. With the roof rack and the large side windows, it looks like a Weekender version.
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