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    Does anyone know if a bog standard Berlingo could accommodate 2 seats in the back of the van? ie are the mounts already there for the seat and seat belts. I guess an after market window could be fitted.


    The french Berlingo variety seem to be set up as a people mover. How come we didn't get them in Oz? If we did, I haven't seen any around.
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    Aftermarket seats can be legally fitted by an authorised fitting station. It has been done to a number of Berlingos in Australia. Fitting of side windows at the same time is also possible.

    We did not get the multispace as it was deemed there was not the market for it. Berlingos do not come with automatic gearboxes was one of the major stoppers as 90% of new cars sold in Aus are auto. As the people mover, as opposed to kiddie-crusher, market is so small in Australia the risk of failure of sales was deemed as too great.
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