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    Default C5. New seats don't work #

    I thought I would upgrade the 'old' C5 with some flash "new" seats from a slightly later model. Move up to leather and electric controls. Easy peasy

    No way. They don't work The wires are there and the connectors just plug in. We got the air bags to recognise without pyrotechnics The fuses are all there for the controls but seem not to have power on them. I disconnected the battery and reconnected but no . I connected a battery to the input wires seperately but the controls still do not work.

    The irritation is that I need to drive the seats foward and back to get at the bolt holes to bolt the bl--dy things in. So they are just lying there dead and unusable as is the car. Bl--dy hell how hard is it to change some seats.

    Anyone know a secret to it or do I have to get a Lexia to tell it who's boss

    No cheers Jaahn


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    The seats have to be programed in because there are more than a couple of variances. Dealer?. Cheers.

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    Default Fixed !!

    Well they now work.

    No trip to the dealer or even a Lexia

    Just a bit more delving into the 'simple electrics' There is another set of Maxi fuses under the bonnet and under the Engine fuse box ?? Part removal of the Engine fuse box to access them. The wires allow movement to raise it up without any disconnections.

    Fuse MF6 --heated and/or electric seats. 50 or 80 A.
    I looked and none fitted, so I purchased a 50 A and presto. Seats move

    Maxie fuses are mentioned in the Owners Manual and says "Only authorised personnel from the Citroen network are allowed to carry out any work on the additional protection MAXI fuses located in the fuse box".

    Haynes avoids mention of them altogether. Additionally has no mention of electric seats also anywhere else.

    Chuffed Jaahn
    Perhaps a small lesson here. Do not believe everything recommended or suggested on AF.

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