CX 2400i wiring modification as per Haynes manual
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    Default CX 2400i wiring modification as per Haynes manual

    Reading the Haynes manual 1984 edition Page 223 Chapter 13 Supplement, Section 4 Fuel system, Paragraph 14 Fuel Injection (CX 2400) - it talks about an additional relay to be installed to cure "when the engine is warm it will misfire and emit black smoke from the exhaust pipe" problem. Has anybody with 2400i done this modification? The explanation in the Haynes manual is not all clear and more information would be good.
    My 2400i does slightly misfire when hot and I was wondering if it is because of this known fault.

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    My Prestige does not misbehave when hot. Never had a problem with misfiring except with wet ignition leads and coil top.


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    I've never had that problem either, Kimmo, no matter how hot the engine. The only problem I've had is that if the engine cuts out while still cold, the cold start valve enriches the mixture to the max and I get a few seconds of black smoke & hunting. I suspect it's because a timer overrides the warmish temperature sensor.
    The only relay ever added to a CX of mine was to a carburettored 2400 C-matic and was to cure the rhythmic rise and fall of engine revs at idle. The mod was to the charging system and was done by CCCV CX guru Graeme MacDonald, an electical engineer whose explanation of where and how it worked I can't remember. It worked well, though.
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