What batteries are you using in your C5 HDI with RHR engine? My C5 X7 seems to have a Varta SLA battery fitted from the factory. The battery monitoring ECU is obviously a lot less happy with the battery after 2.5 years as it is putting the car into economy mode quite quickly these days. I thought I had better start researching battery replacement options. Just as well I don't have an electric tailgate as apparently these stop mid way when the car goes into economy mode and there appears to be nothing that can be done to prevent this from happening.


After feeling that I have lost the super smooth ride, it would appear that the car is also stuck in sport suspension mode. I do not get the hum of the hydractive soleniods when I open the car door the way I used to. Any ideas here as car is not displaying any faults? I will ring the dealer to get this sorted under warranty (only 4 months left).


Ken W