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Thread: C5 Thermo fan

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    Default C5 Thermo fan

    I have a 2004 C5 HDI Limited Edition Estate the thermo fan recently died on me I purchased a new one it lasted 4 days the fins on the fan broke off I sent it back to place i purchased it from they sent me back another one it lasted 3 days with same issue the the fins on the fan broke off I dont know why nothing can get up in there as it all closed off this time I notice that 2 of the fins which had the counter weight on were the ones that broke off. I have sent this one back to see what happens. Any body with any ideas at all. I have posted the photos of the fan thanks everyone

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails C5 Thermo fan-002.jpg   C5 Thermo fan-006.jpg   C5 Thermo fan-007.jpg   C5 Thermo fan-008.jpg  

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    They sound awfully dodgy to me...

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