Xantia front brake pad i.d.
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    Default Xantia front brake pad i.d.

    Hi all - does anyone know if my front brake pads can be i.d'd from the following info: '95 Xantia series 1 - 16v motor, manual, hatchback, no badging (e.g. sx etc), vin no. VF7X19C00009C5828. I have been told that there are three types to choose from - any help appreciated - quotes have ranged from $38 to $165 per set, the latter price being Bendix pads. Obviously $38 looks good - any help appreciated.


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    The reason why Xantia brakes are so good is because they have soft pads biting soft discs. I have replaced our 97 SX wagons front discs at as little as 50k km. So guessing cheaper pads are harder compound and will eat discs, while the pads themselves may last forever.
    Interestingly we have done 75k km and counting in our CT on the same pads and discs. I have been told CTs have larger brakes though.
    So enquire whether the cheapies are soft or hard compound. The info you quote would be enough for Yongie ( bless his soul) and probably others who have been dealing with older models Martin Bray, Bill Bunting, and David Cavanagh from our sponsors French Connection .

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