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    Default Citroen Air Conditioning

    I was wondering about the vent temp. of an air conditioning system. My Xsara's gas has been evacuated (cleared of gas and moisture) and refilled. At the moment the vent temp. is about 12.5 degrees. If I can remember my Xsara has never had the coolest air conditioning. Our Hyundai's vent temp. is around 9 degrees which is about standard. Are Citroen air conditioning not as effective as other makes?


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    All systems have some control on the compressor so the evaporator will not freeze over from the condensation that forms. Perhaps this antifreeze setting is just set a bit higher on the Citroen. Is is a climate controlled Xsara? I think the series 2 ones are but not sure about the series 1 units.

    Citroen aircon has been OK since the BX was introduced ~ 1986


    Ken W

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    The CX manages 15 out of the front vents. But this a machine from the dark days before the BX in AC terms.

    That said it coped fine in Sydney, max temp 37 today. So the question is, is it cooling the car or not. Don't worry too much about figures. Once when I was getting the CX regassed there was a Commodore in front of me. It got the outlet temp down to 0.5 degrees before the compressor declutched. I felt a little inadequate then to

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    The CX also has a rather small evaporator in the front. It's 1/3rd the size of the unit in an XJ Jaguar from the same period. The Jag struggles a bit on 134a, so it must knock the CX quite badly. I don't think the XM is as good as a BX and later cars on 134a may be less effective than earlier examples using R12.

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    My 1999 306 (so I assume the same system) used to have a vent temperature of 5 degrees C on recirculate.

    I remember as I used to play a trick on people on really hot days (make the cabin freezing cold before they got into the car, and there would be a cloud of fog as they opened the door).

    I know this doesn't really help you, but your Xsara should manage colder than that I think.

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    I think my CX can do about 6degrees at the front vents (depends if I have the bonnet open, open bonnet == red hot air being sucked in). Obviously ambient temperature also matters. The rear unit does less than 2degrees and freezes the rear screen over

    Actually I noticed last week the air-con has stopped working in the old CX. That would have to be 4years since I installed it using 35year old A/C bits, so I'm really happy with that ( $10bucks of gas every 4years is better than ok with me). The only non original bits is the monster sized super efficient condenser I fitted and obviously R/D.

    Actually I've found the C4 A/C isn't very strong. Even on mild days this time of year, it doesn't blow very cold. The old BX was exceptional, the Xantia was ok, the XM is quite good (while it has gas in it ).

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    Its funny how at hot day (37 degrees) turns the topic to car air conditioning. I have a daughter who is about to go overseas in January and will sell her 1.4l Mitsubishi Lancer. My wife said she may keep it as although it was much more sluggish than the Xantia, at least the aircon worked.

    Having had BXs for ten years when the aircon rarely worked and now the Xantia in the same situation, I don't have a high regard for Citroen aircon or rather electrics. In all cases, the problem has been more with the blower fan. No fan, no aircon, regardless of the gas used.

    Must try to find the time to try and fix it this weekend to keep the missus happy. I have thin blood, so just being able to open the windows if the temperature is this side of 40 degrees is OK for me, but women can be fussy, particularly about perspiration. Its OK for me as my dog is half blind and relies on his nose to follow me. On a stinking hot (and sweaty) day he is right next to my ankle. If there is a breeze, he's downwind.


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