11BL head gasket -same as ID19?
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    Default 11BL head gasket -same as ID19?

    I have just registered my now fully restored French 11BL (light 15)... and on its first long run found I have a sticking exhaust valve and therefore no compression on one cylinder.

    Have pulled the head off and have another valve to put it - but no head gasket. Have ordered one from Europe, which will take some weeks to come. But in the meantime, I have a new head gasket from an ID19 - will that fit? It looks as though it will, all holes look to be in the same place except for some holes for coolant travelling from head to block - these sort of line up, but aren't the same shape.


    Has anyone done this before?


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    Hi there,

    So great to hear about your 11BL. Any pics? I think you would be correct with some ID head gaskets - others slightly different. I suppose just compare them against each other. Brian Wade would know for sure (Slough40) or probably Richo from this forum...what can be used...or the CCOCA / CCCV team.

    Handy to use the id gasket as they're worth a bit.

    I'm putting together a 51 BL at the mo. Just had the original wheel cylinders stainless re-sleeved and preparing to put motor in over Christmas. Got a great team helping me here. It's going to be my main everyday car also thanks to the enthusiasm of the Brothers Paas and Messers Collins and Walton and Wade from Brisbane.

    So much fun...



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