Should I get a second opinion before the warranty runs out
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    Default Should I get a second opinion before the warranty runs out


    My second Cit, a C4 is just about out of warranty. Never had any problems with it other than clunking from first to second when first turned on and pushed too hard.

    What I am looking for is some advice on whether I should get it looked at by someone other than the dealer prior to the warranty running out. I have no reason to mistrust the service manager at my dealer who has always been honest with me and replaced things free when he did not really have to. But I do remember being told just before buying the C4 that there had been some problems with a filter that may not show up in general servicing and thought maybe I should take to an independent for a check up.

    Any advice greatly appreciated.



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    Default common issues!

    These are the most common issues;Heated seat wires break up inside foam,all door window outer waist seals warp and lift off,AL-4 dies as usual if the oil isnt been changed every 20kkm,water pump seep,rear wheel bearing noise and fake chrome on gear lever knob and hand brake release peels off.
    How many km has yours?

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