The Aussie ID at Heidelberg Continental and General
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    Default The Aussie ID at Heidelberg Continental and General

    Hi all.


    How many IDs would have come off the line at Continental and General in Heidelberg in 1962? Despite all being 62 models, mine is 723 cars after Carl Bruces, and 722 after Ferdi's. Can that be right? The series numbers are all different so maybe that's the clue. Not all consecutive...anyone boned up on this?
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    With Heidelberg cars, the engine number and chassis number were originally the same, the engine number being used as the chassis number. I gather it depends on which batch and the order of engines being used.

    The Buckle-sold cars normally have a metal badge riveted to the rear bumper. I remember a friend's Mum's EJ had a similar cast metal badge on it from Stack, who were evidently a Holden dealer at the same time. I've seen the Buckle underbonnet series/type badge on Tractions before, but who knows if all the cars they sold had them. Maybe, they did it to make the local build seem a fraction less obvious? I don't recall seeing one on French built ID's that have the Buckle badge on the rear bumper, but I could be mistaken or bumpers could have been swapped. (Buttercup Bob is your man here as I believe he has relevant records.)

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