How to adjust handbrake on 2003 C5
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    Default How to adjust handbrake on 2003 C5

    Hi All

    I need to adjust my handbrake on my 2003 C5, do i need to remove the centre consol to access this?.

    I dont have a workshop manual so need to know if the handbrake adjust is the same method as on a "normšl"car

    I would have thought this car has automatic adjusters but it has developed a huge amount of free play at the lever even though the pads dont need replacing.



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    Default Handbrake Adjustment

    Hi Fleury,
    According to my Haynes the handbrake adjustment is automatic with the caliper use but if a new set of pads have been fitted it may need mechanical adjustment as well.
    If you care to send me your email address I will copy the page giving you the instructions including photos. Email me at [email protected]

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    Default adjustment.

    Just a few thoughts.
    I have never had to adjust my handbrake even after having a front caliper off and looking at the system and also replacing some front end components. The pads are self adjusting and the handbrake system works through the caliper so it shoud not need to be adjusted.
    If the play suddenly came about then perhaps;
    1 the cables are failing somehow, or more likely
    2 the cables were not sitting correctly and have just worked their way to the correct position.
    I would look at the ends to see that they are sitting in place properly particularly at the calipers.

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    Try an automatic adjustment first. (From Haynes) The front brakes are linked to the handbrake.
    1. Start the car
    2. Release the handbrake
    3. Press the brake pedal several times. This will adjust the front brake pads, if they aren't already adjusted.
    4. While pressing the brake pedal, fully apply and release the handbrake 5 times.
    5. Release the brake pedal. Apply and release the handbrake 5 times.

    If it is still loose, check that the cable end is seated properly at the front of the calliper. Remove the front wheels to check the handbrake cable end. Repeat the auto adjustment.

    For cable adjustment, remove the ashtray and then remove the two torx bolts. Remove the console. Take up the slack with the cable nut.

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    Had a similar issue with my 2003 C5 early this year. Had rear pads replaced, caliper guides, piston and pad mounts lubricated as the squeal from the rear was starting to get to me. Work was carried out by a local brake specialist. About 3 weeks later the handbrake developed a huge amount of free play.
    I have a Haynes manual and tried the automatic adjustment steps, there was no improvement. Brake specialist was closed for a week, death in the family.
    My youngest son works at a local shopping centre. Put the car in to the centre's auto centre on a Saturday morning while my son was working, not sure what they did but it was about 5% better when they finished (luckily they only charged me $29).
    During the week put the C5 into my regular Repco Garage and they adjusted it back to 100%.
    When talking to them they said that while it was a fairly easy job it takes two people to do it properly, one adjusting at the handbrake lever while one is checking the caliper play. I decided to have a service done at the say time, so I can not tell you exactly what they charged for the adjustment.


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    The handbrake is self adjusting and it's very unusual for the cables to stretch, I would check if the new cable adjustment is now holding the caliper arm from returning to the rest position, indicating an internal handbrake problem. With the handbrake off, you should be able to slip the cable end off the caliper almost by hand. But if the arms spring forward after the cable is unhooked then you've got a problem.
    It's worth a check anyway, for peace of mind.

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