Real Citroens at Flemington car show 3rd April
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    Default Real Citroens at Flemington car show 3rd April

    Real Citroens at Flemington car show 3rd April

    A great day was had at the RACV British and European car display last Sunday 3rd April.
    Janet and I had never been to Flemington racecourse in Melbourne so we thought this event was a good opportunity to do so.
    Brother Michael at Castlemaine had his 1960 French ID 19 ready and with the work he had done on our late Slough Big 15 we got an early start Sunday morning --- arriving at Flemington 9am.

    Being from Brisbane it was exciting for us to arrive at such a big event in the heart of Melbourne.
    A few 2 CV’s, a wonderful SM and about 3 D’s along with our Traction made a wonderful display. Also there was a CX which, along with GS's ( of which there were none ), I kind of consider the last of the REAL CITROENS so a great day was had by all.
    It was a thrill to see so many beautiful cars of every description.
    I haven’t managed to download photos from Janet’s phone as this technology is beyond me at this stage but someone else might have taken the odd snapshot on the day.
    As we are still getting used to the Traction we drive it between 45 – 50 mph which is fine on the double roads that we were mainly driving on.

    After the event we made our way toward Geelong where I grew up many moons ago.
    Around the Werribee turnoff one of the old Michelins blew so I got to work doing my first wheel change on the Big 15. Luckily we could pull over on the grass and as it was an idyllic afternoon there was no concern of having to panic for any reason.
    We were carrying an extra tyre & tube so after the wheel change was done I put the spare tyre & tube on the wheel with the shredded tyre, putting my mind at ease in case of another blowout.
    We then continued through Geelong and onto Queenscliffe staying overnight in a room overlooking Port Phillip Bay.
    I was proud of the Big15 Parked in the main street amongst the old buildings. She had done well to get us there. On the Monday we made our way back to Daylseford near Castlemaine thoroughly enjoying the whole adventure.

    Now back in Brisbane we look forward to driving her again in the future.

    Michael’s 1960 ID19 cruised along effortlessly so for him and Paula it was good fun to take the ID on its first main outing since buying the ( ex Mike Neil ) car recently.

    And so I say thankyou to the people with the other Citroens for supporting us on this Melbourne adventure and to all the people bringing such a wonderful array of cars.

    John and Janet Paas.

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