C5 Automatics in second nose diesels
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    Default C5 Automatics in second nose diesels

    Another question hopefully for the brains trust:

    I know the Siemens AL4 box used in petrol 4 cylinder cars has been well covered on this site.

    In the C5s with the second nose that I am investigating have the ZF HP20 4 speed in 2.2 litre diesels or the Aisin AL6 six speed with the 2 litre diesel.

    Which to choose ? Both cars have done about 80 000 ks.

    There is an age and price difference that makes the 6 speed variety dearer ( as you would expect as they are newer ) but not that significant. to make me jump one way or the other.

    Are either of the gearboxes flawed with inherent faults ?

    So far I have only driven behind a ZF and found it totally ....well .... adequate in that it did everything I expected of it and it showed no bad habits that I could notice...but the 2.2 diesel did seem a bit of a slouch at suburban speeds...but none of the loud clunks and jolts that I read the AL4 is prone to.
    What about fluid changes ? A change would be done as a matter of course.

    Do the ZF or Aisin have dipsticks so I can at least see the colour of the oils in their boxes ?

    My Borg Warner experience with a DS23 injection > 25 years ago makes me doubly dubious you see...and a C5 would require a "leap of faith" again.


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    I think either is pretty bullet proof. If it was me I would go with the 6 speeder. Probably would return better fuel economy. However I don't think either has a dipstick

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    The 6 speeder will give you a snappier response. The 4 speeder is a ZF and it does a good job, but will behave differently to the 6 speeder.

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    I had a 6-speed C5 HDi, and never had the pleasure of prompt changes at low speeds - I always had a profound lag of nearly 2 seconds when it was reaching for a lower ratio at say, 20-30 kmph.

    A few others have found this to be the case, both in Peugeots and Citroens, but it is by no means universal for some reason.

    Mine also developed - from around 50,000 km or so, a need for a valve body replacement. Symptoms were a thump when the transmission selected 3rd, I think. It was around 50 kmph when going uphill near home.

    Downhill coasting also yielded some form of judder as if it was slackness in the drivetrain, but this was inconsistent.

    Apart from that, mine was okay. Not nearly as smooth to change as my wife's i30, more like mid-90's quality.


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    our xantia v6 has the zf hp20 box and it is a nasty piece of work and at 100,000k it is showing its age
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    Default C5 Aisin 6 speed

    My C5 has developed an identical thump changing down to, I think, 4th (not 3rd) in identical circumstances. My car developed this symptom at around 60,000 km. Apart from this small flaw, the gearbox operates very smoothly.
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