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    Default active steering headlights

    I am in the process of investigating used second nose C5s...many of the available ones are equipped with active headlights..these are the questions ...are they (a) worth the effort and (b) troublesome ?


    The steering lights of a DS were able to turn about 70 degrees to illuminate sharp corners and were
    ( are ) tremendous .. so simple and logical and easy to adjust, being just cables and return springs.
    Are the electronically controlled variety trouble prone or able to be adjusted at all ?

    Reading some posts on BMW and Mercedes followers sites it sounds that they are controlled by sensors in the steering wheel ( ? ) and also controlled by one of the many central computers...and need resetting via a computer after bulb replacement...I do not know about aiming at all.

    The electronic steering lenses only steer by 15 degrees so just how useful are they ?

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    Most definitely a worthwhile feature and they do make a very useful difference to visbility. Try to test drive a car with them at night. Very few 4 speed 2.2's will have them, but I am fairly sure they were a standard item on the 2.0 6 speeders. They are reliable, but like all HID lights, the globes have a finite life and are much more expensive to replace that halogens globes. New items from Citroen will be a afew hubdred per side, but you can look for other options via eBay and other vendors as the technology is common as long as you know the type of globe you need. Changing the globes doesn't require any computer reset as the globe simply clips into a fitting.

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