Heater problems Xsara 2.0 HDI
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    Default Heater problems Xsara 2.0 HDI

    Hi, I have the usual fan that only blows flat out. I can live with this up to a point (turn the stereo up) . My problem is that it now only blows cold or freeing wit the air con on, I cant get any heat since my electrician mate looked at the fan motor. I dont think the flaps are opening... I have taken the unit apart and looked in and under the dash. I see everything is connected apart from one Blue connector block near the fan unit itself, but I cant see where this connects under the dashboard, if it connects at all. Behind the dash everything also looks fine, again there is a block in there that does not seem to belong to anything, my sparky mate fitting a parrot this time! The car is a 2002 model and flies despite having covered around 270000 km and aint worth much, but its too good to get rid of just yet. any clues, with pictures if possible.


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    Hi there Pipeman,
    the problem is that you let some fool who knows nothing mess with your car's wiring. I wouldn't be doing that.

    Keep them away.

    It sounds like the power supply to the fan has been connected to a pos 12v point instead of where it's supposed to go, which is to the fan resistor. These resemble a very heavy duty bare wire spring type of thing, normally placed somewhere inside the path of the fans air output, for cooling. These resistor wires can run pretty hot, and the connectors tend to oxidise because of the high running temperatures.

    So, if you clean the contacts and put the wiring back where it's supposed to go , things should return to normal.

    Be very careful who you let mess with your amazing Citroen.

    Good luck....cheers..George 1/8th

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