Hi Folks,


Given the help and advice people have graciously provided me over the years, I've always wanted to be able to reciprocate in some way.

Well, perhaps now I have the chance...

A little while ago I bought a sphere pressure tester on ebay (from a fellow in the USA). It works very effectively and is so easy to use.

Whilst I'm located in Canberra I am happy to lend it to people. I'm also happy to deliver to surrounding areas, on condition that we can also sit down, have a cuppa/beer/pastis/calvados (select whichever is appropriate) and talk about Citroens...

I don't have regassing equipment, but at least with the sphere tester you can monitor your spheres at each 10K service, and establish which spheres need to be re-gassed in the near future...

So, if you're interested at any time, send me an e-mail!


Andrew Matusiewicz
1999 Xantia SX 16 valve 5 speed