C5 ball joint quality
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    Default C5 ball joint quality

    A while back I replaced my front ball joints on the C5 because they were clunking and the tires were wearing fast and unevenly. Wheel alignment etc, also the roll bar drop links. The ball joints were purchased locally from an after market French Parts supplier (who advertised on AF). Normal sort of price as I recall.

    However after about 17000 Ks I am now looking at replacing them again. I fitted a new set of tires before Christmas and had a wheel alignment but the new front tires are wearing alarmingly. Now the joints are clunking again. How does one select quality parts. The original joints are marginal quality as they only lasted 105000 Ks. These same joints are fitted to lots of models in the PSA range but perhaps the C5 is the biggest and heaviest. I also do a few dirt roads occasionally.

    I priced some joints.
    Ebay aust $50 pair. made in China ?
    Citroen genuine $300 + GST each. number 3640.71
    Peugeot genuine $109(+ GST ?)each Same part number as Citroen
    GSF England 14 pound each, supposedly made by original manufacturer of PSA parts.

    Its a bas--rd of a job to replace them so I would not like to do it again. I have checked the front end and it is definitely the joints. Not so much play but flex if you use a "4x2" and put some pressure on. Actually I have already replaced the inner and outer tie rods also because of the excessive tire wear. The tire wear cost more than the joints
    Any ideas??




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    knocking is probably the rollbar droplinks .... That's what appears to make the noise in BX's, Xantias, XM's etc..... You probably can't detect any slack, but they still knock

    Have you tried the old anyspares forum ?? C5's have been "bangers" for many years now, so there's lot of people DIY'ing on them now.

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