C5 starting problems
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    Default C5 starting problems

    Hi I have a poblem with a C5 petrol 2 litre that takes a few goes of cranking to get it started in the mornings, once going it runs perfectly and starts fine once it has run for even a few seconds
    i have replaced spark plugs and fuel filter has anyone had this problem and what was the fix?


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    How old is the battery?

    Just replaced the battery in the 2007 C4. Looking back on it (it is my wife's car and I rarely drive it) there was about a month of slightly hesitant starting after which the car would run without problems and restart after a short trip without hesitation. Then one morning it was suddenly "as dead as".

    Citroen assist restarted the C4, everything was operating without a problem, battery was showing charge. Stopped the engine and it would not kick over.

    New battery on the 14th, running like a dream.

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