My 2010 Berlingo has one of these as standard equipment. I believe a lot of PSA cars will have this or a slight variation to this one.
What I want to do is replace this unit with a double DIN type so I can incorporate a lot of features now available, mainly GPS & internet.

The problem with changing the head unit is the setting of some of the vehicles equipment would be lost, ie the clock/ date, language, wipers, units etc.

A nice way around this would be an interface on the 2 data wires that talk to the computer. The head unit I am looking to buy has the ability to use the existing remote steering control. I would need to intercept the wiring before it enters the computer to use this.

Has anyone had any experience with any of this?

Is the CD part of the standard head unit used to update the firmware of the main computer?

I am thinking I may be able to mount the standard head unit up under the dash with fairly easy access & install the new one in it's place if need be.