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    Default Australian GS/A register on the wiki

    OK, so I was silly and didn't check that I had a current copy (or it's on the USB I can't find!!!)

    No criticism of this wonderful forum, but I've decided to place the GS/A register along side the Australian CX register now on the Citroen Car Club of Queensland website

    This new location will allow a small photo or link for each listing, and I'll now maintain records of known scrapped cars as well as runners.

    I've gone back to the old Yahoo register and notes in an attempt to rebuild. If you know the present status of any of the following registration numbers could you please email me at
    (ACT) YHQ163
    (NSW) OGG830
    (NSW) RIS11N
    (NSW) WUB190//HFT189
    (NSW) GS1222
    (NSW) WJP675
    (NSW) BYX651
    ? IFN254
    (QLD) 818ANB
    (QLD) 122OGS
    (QLD) 046ORT
    (QLD) 427MQQ
    (QLD) OTS762 (12A rotary)
    (QLD) OUA565
    (QLD) OWS857
    (QLD) 789FLC
    (QLD) 262FQX
    (QLD) 477GAB
    (SA) BB779G // SMR239
    (SA) ROR645
    (TAS) FE5516
    (VIC) CH8010
    (VIC) OOQ764
    (VIC) TFJ194

    It will probably still be a few days before I get the data to Kimmo to upload to the CCCQ website, so could I ask GS owners to check the site in November and let me know if I've lost the data on their car/s - I know there are a few that I must have been told about on the board and no longer can access.

    Please also check out the CCCQ website for photos of our 40th anniversary GS run, or of the 2011 Cit-in.



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    Email sent

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