I have had a note from OnShore Oils advising that their next order is leaving on this coming Monday or Tuesday for delivery March/ April.
Anybody who wants to order please advise me by e-mail and I will send you an order form to be filled out and returned pronto.
These orders have a deadline due to them having to be packed into a container in Singapore within a day or so of ordering.
To get the price at $110 there must be a combined order of at least 10 X 20 litre drums or else the price has to be $125. To the best of my knowledge the price is the same as this time and will be confirmed.
Don't forget that for commercial users, 44 gallon drums are also available at a VERY good price.
E-mail me for further info. Also remember we can now also access Total Fluide T fot $85 for 4 X 2 litre bottles from the same source.
If you don't want any yourself, think of anyone else that may be interested in this deal including your respective State Clubs.

Alan S