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Thread: XM Turbo Diesel

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    XM Turbo Diesel

    Last week this was in the Melbourne Trading post


    Citroen XM Exclusive, 1995, Series2, turbo diesel, 5/man.88,000klms, electric everything, a/c, cruise etc. fast & frugal (6 LPH) QNZ-852 $32,000 (03)54263738 Macedon

    sounds too good to be true.
    Mark McKibbin

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    Maybe not too good to be true, it will be a private import as Ateco only brought in the v6 petrol variant. So how long has it spent in Aus away from the salted roads in the UK? 80,000k is low klm. I guess it will sell in the high 20s and be a very nice car, great combination 5 speed turbo diesel

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