Hello fellow Froggies,


I have posted the first of my pictures of the Sydney Bastille Day Concours at the address below.


We had glorious weather, and a very good turnout, although this year we were outnumbered by the Pugilists, so that must be redressed next year.

There was a very good selection of models - a couple of Light 15s, a varied range of D's, from 57 to 74, 2CVs and Dyane's of various ages, GS', including the BiRotor and CX's, including a 2500 Turbo 2. 4 SM's turned up, a couple of Xantia's and I think only one lone Xsara - it did win a prize though!

There were several C5's - 2 from Continental, one V6 and one HDI, plus a Berlingo.

We ran the club shop from the back of one Safari and the communal food stall from another - versatile cars these!

The best D of the day was won by Martin Forrester-Reid's green D Special, while Roy von Bock's CX was best overall Citroen. Runner up was a very desirable SM, restored by Peter McLeod.

I can't remember all the rest of the awards - the amazing black DS21 was not entered, or it would have taken the cake I expect.

There were lots of other things to look at, even some other French cars! (I must confess I quite liked the Renault Dauphine Gordini that was best in show).

All in all a wonderful day out with fellow Citroenistes - if you missed it come along next year!

I will post the next batch of digital pix tomorrow, and sort through the film ones when they come back as well.

Have fun

Paul Smith