Hi there down under...
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    Jan 2002

    Hi there down under...

    Hi all,

    Just cruisin' the web and I found your site.


    As you might have seen I own several french cars.
    A 1955 Citroen 2CV, a 1997 Citroen Xsara and a 1995 Peugeot 106 Rallye Mk1.

    It's nice to see there are many more french car enthousiasts!!!

    G'day from Maastricht, the Netherlands.

    Servaas Vlaskamp

    (It's freezing today, but I'm taking the 2CV for a spin anyway!)

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    Administrator GreenBlood's Avatar
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    Mar 2001
    G'day Servass,

    Welcome to the pond, '55 2CV
    Great little cars, we have quite a following here, but mostly later models '80s vintage. Wouldn't have thought they were the most suitable car for sub freezing temp :p (DS with heater sounds more like it) you must be crazy We're more worried about keeping cool over here, temps around 35c at the momement.

    Email me and I'll organise a Aussiefrog.com sticker for you.

    74 D(very Special) >>Rejuvenation Thread<<
    08 C5 X7 HDi very Noir

    "Déesse" Roland Barthes, 'Mythologies', 1957

    The Déesse has all the characteristics of one of those objects fallen from another universe that fed the mania for novelty in the eighteenth century and a similar mania expressed by modern science fiction: the Déesse is first and foremost the new Nautilus.

    (Umberto Eco [Ed], The History of Beauty, Rizzoli, NY, 2004)

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    Sep 2001
    Hi Servass,
    I have a 1956 2CV which is on club plates...and what a handful it is...Must say it provides a good balance as I have a 66 ID19 and a later 74
    Dspecial....Now if only I can get a convertible!!
    Cheers from Sunny Melbourne (victoria)
    Andrew M
    Rev. Dogboy

    1969 DS21 Pallas BVH with leather
    1970 Renault 16TS
    1967 Honda S800 cabrio
    Citroen 1970 DS21 Cabrio replica
    Citroen 1966 ID Safari (with 23 running gear)
    Citroen 1975 DS23 Safari
    1975 VW Kombi poptop
    1987 2CV
    Porsche Boxster S manual
    1988 Vespa PX200E

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    Perth, Western Australia
    Hi Servass,

    I remember when CAR (UK) magazine had the first 106 Rallye on test, dreaming about having one to play with, with that revvy little engine. What's it like to drive? Is it a peaky engine?


    2003 PEUGEOT 206 GTi

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