Citroens- in Europe
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    Citroens- in Europe

    I am a Renault owner that has just completed a trip to Europe and the Balkans. I saw heaps of French cars as expected.

    For Citroen freaks, I saw some very strange old cits....


    One car called a visa, C15,Axel, mehari, pony, and another funny little one in greece that i cant remember the name of. They were very good to look at. Truly Citroen! Not like now how Peugeot are running the show and both marques are similar.

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    No 4WD Mehari?

    I like the vans, which date back to Chenard & Walker, exceedingly practical, leave the Jap stuff to shame, but Citroen and Peugeot.

    You dream of driving the Mehari, flogging it hard? Both cylinders beating furiously...

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