The resources available to Citroen owners is such, that at times you have to wonder why people have got such a phobia against them. You also have to wonder why anyone capable of doing a bit of work on their own car would waste time & money on the fair to average type of cars that seem so popular in this country; mind you, I used to wonder that before I owned a Cit.
Here's a link that has just been put on the net as part of Gabor Deak Jahn's BX DIY site; it isn't BX specific, in fact it is Citroen specific from D series to c-5 and I would dare to guess beyond.
At present it is partially completed and the authors have asked that we can use it as a link but to not download it onto any websites as they will be making additions to it as time goes on. One of them posted on one of the lists tonight that he has heaps of gear but is presently short on time to post it.
gibgib, could we have the link put onto the links page and I would suggest Citroen owners download it on to the hard drive and print out if you wish.
If you don't even own a Citroen but are a car enthusiast, download it anyway; I've read some of it and it is fascinating.

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Alan S