Cx25 Gti air con problem
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    Cx25 Gti air con problem

    Can anyone supply information about the TX valves (2) that are fitted to a 1985 Cx25 Gti with dual (front and rear) evaporators.
    I need the pressure ratings (? tons) and also thread sizes in order to replace and
    make compatable (I know the old valves can still be used but we're after optimum performance) with new gas. Any help most appreciated.


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    From memory all air/con TX valves in average cars are standard size from memory 11/2 ton. Thread size can vary but 1/4 inlet and 1/2 to the evaporator should be about it.
    Tonnage usually isn't all that critical on TX valves and whereas a small tonnage can make it too cold over a smaller area, a larger one can cause too high a back pressure thereby increasing the back pressure and reducing evaporator temp and risking slugging oil.
    The point is that to swap over the TX valve you are going to have to open the system and evacuate as well as recharge and probably replace lines and filter/dryer non of which is really DIY stuff.
    I'd be inclined to let your fridgie who is doing the job worry about this sort of stuff otherwise you could end up holding the bag if it all goes wrong. :p

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