66 ID19 engine needs tender loving care!!!
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    66 ID19 engine needs tender loving care!!!

    Help!!! During the Tassie trip I noticed I seemed to be going through quite a bit of water...kept an eye on the gauge and it didn't show it was overheating....I thought it may be a faulty cap and changed it...still the same problem...checked the oil of course and no traces of water to be found...no bubbling from radiator either...radiator was recored a year ago..thermostat replaced...all hoses replaced...
    When I had some preparation done David Gries told me the oil rings were cactus...a rebuild needed when I could afford it...well,seems that time is here...checked the oil again today and big time water incursion..and dreaded bubbles from the radiator....suggestions anyone..I know it must be a head gasket..but what caused it..no point just redoing the head gasket..if I should do the whole engine up does anyone have any pointers or suggestions where to get my parts from...am a bit skint so am not sure I can afford it right now..
    David has mentioned a figure of around $3-$4,000
    has anyone had to do an engine up?? Help!!!!!!

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    I'll just whip the head off, get it pressure tested (I hope you've been running an anti-corrosion product of somesort... :p ). Check the height of the liners and whack the head back on with a new head gasket.

    Oil rings gone?? Does she use oil or blow lots of blue smoke If the anwser is 'no'. I keep on driving for years yet At least you'll be able to have a look at the bores while the heads off (and check the ring gaps).

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    I agree with Shane new sleeves & pistons are expensive (about $700) and it just goes on from their so whip the head off check the deck heights and everything else Shane said, however if it is using oil you could always look for a secondhand one....but it maybe no better. dead dead
    Mark McKibbin

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    I had the head gasket let go in a D engine a few years back. It is easy to replace, and is relatively cheap. Since then, the engine has given no problems. Some of the older gaskets were of a material that deteriorates over time, so it may not necessarily lead to a full engine rebuild. I would change the gasket and see from there.

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