Question on DS semi automatic gearbox
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    Default Question on DS semi automatic gearbox

    Hi All,

    Whingeing Pom here -but please don't hold that against me! I've been looking for a DS for a while now and think I've found one.

    It has the hydraulic sem auto box. The owner says when chaning DOWN gears you don't get the engine braking effect you do in a manual - you have to blip the throttle for it to take effect.

    Could somebody enlighten me as to what he means?




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    You sure will, as it's a manual though it's not easy to rev the motor on downchanges in order to match the revs for a smooth downshift (touching the throttle to rev it, will engage the clutch faster.

    The BVH is brilliant, I wish I had one

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    Those hydraulic shift boxes are magic. They are how the DS was meant to be. The manual shift is an afterthought compromise. The hydraulic shift gearboxbox itself is identical to the manual shift box, it is only the shift that is different. So the gearbox itself is quite capable of providing engine braking, but for engine braking to occur the clutch must be engaged. What blipping the throttle does is make the clutch engage faster.

    The system is designed so the more you open the throttle the faster the clutch re-engages. When you are changing up you want it to engage smoothly so you keep your foot off the throttle while it changes. But when you are changing down you want the clutch to engage quicker and you want the engine revs to be faster when engagement occurs because they will need to be faster anyway. so you blip the throttle after you have flicked the control lever to the lower gear but before the clutch has engaged.

    There were various modifications made to the system over the years that make it easier to drive, although the basic effect is much the same. What year is the car? (Mine is a 1959.)


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    Quote Originally Posted by Roger Wilkinson
    What year is the car? (Mine is a 1959.)

    I'm so jealous of you!

    Roger's pretty much on the money with his points. The hydraulique system is simply amazing.

    I think what your guy's trying to say, Ian, is that its smooth! Though going from 1st to 2nd (as you go via neutral) takes a little time to master a smooth transition.

    Once you own one, it's hard to go back to manual. I've stalled my ID a couple of times by stopping in 3rd gear and not engaging the clutch.
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