BX -- I think I'll remove the Citroen badge it doesn't deserve it...
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    BX -- I think I'll remove the Citroen badge it doesn't deserve it...

    Hi Guys,


    well I've been waiting on a new driveshaft to turn up for my BX for over a week. The driveshaft started clicking going around sharp corners, I didn't care much (I don't drive the car a lot)... Get this, within two weeks it went from clicking to "THUD, THUD, THUD", while driving in a straight line... Never had that happen before.

    Finaly got really pi$$ed off with the post office. There is two houses with the same street number in our street. Went down & bashed on the door of the other house, couldn't find there mailbox to go through it. Found a slip in there door dated 1week ago "Mr Leviston you have a parcel to pickup...". Bloody dimmwitted morons at the postoffice sent it to the wrong house. There's only ever been two lots of people live in my house, the previous owner who built the house & me. Two surnames in 50years & they still can't get it right

    Back to the point, Jacked the car up, chucked her on axle stands. Sh!t the bottom ball joint doesn't 'unbolt' it has to be broken (memories come flooding back of recently trying to break the Tractions lower ball joint. Days of frustration, production of special tools etc...).

    Went to the shed, bloody big socket bar & socket that get used for CX driveshaft is gone Bloody tools always dissapear when I need them. Quick spin to the old mans with the nut off the new driveshaft. The bloody nuts about 38mm, we don't have a socket that big Grabbed the socket & bar anyway (and the pipe wrench wink ).

    Turned out the existing driveshaft in the car, had the same sized nut as the CX driveshaft, put the pipe wrench aside, undid the nut. Looked at the lower ball joint in fear. What'll this take?? Unbolted in, gave the lower arm a thump with the hammer, bloody thing fell apart... Undid the roll bar drop link, thumped it with the hammer, fell apart.... Bloody hell this is to easy something is gonna break or stuff up. Whipped the old shaft out, slamned the new one home before to much oil leaked out. Bolted the drop link back in, did up the lower ball joint, chucked the wheel back on. Time taken?? 1:30minutes (including taking an hour to go to my old mans place to find tools and moving 3 cars out of the yard & back in to get the BX in the shed).

    This thing doesn't deserve the Citroen badge, not if it isn't going to make everything stressfull & incredibly difficult :p :p

    Shane L.
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    I once read a write up where it was claimed that the BX was the first Citroen ever to be used particularly in the UK as a Taxi (not including the novelty type operators) based on the reliability and ease of service.
    I've sometimes wondered about the factuality of that report when working on mine but then I recently did work on my Ford (Mazda) and remembered what a bitch of a thing most of this Japcrap is & reckoned it must be right. Maybe you've just verified it.

    Alan S
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