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    Default CitroŽn C-Triomphe

    CitroŽn C-Triomphe in China, a world first

    Dongfeng Peugeot CitroŽn Automobile Co. has issued the following press release:

    Building on the success of the C4, sold in more than 280,000 units worldwide in 2005, CitroŽn is launching a new model in China, C Triomphe. This modern, innovative saloon features all the characteristics and innovations currently driving the success of the C4, while adopting the notchback body style preferred by the Chinese market.

    Through this launch, CitroŽn is strengthening its assets in China and expanding its range. In fourteen years, the Marque has sold 600,000 vehicles in this market, primarily through the success of the ZX ***ang notchback and the Elysťe (models specific to China).
    In 2005, CitroŽn outpaced the market, with a 34% sales increase and 100,000 vehicles sold. Now, the Marque is aiming to increase its market share and to continue growing its activities in China.

    C Triomphe, a notchback saloon with strong and innovative styling, expands the CitroŽn range and further strengthens the Marque's assets on the constantly changing Chinese market. This new and remarkably spacious vehicle boasts the many advantages of the C4 in terms of innovation, driving pleasure and safety.

    A vehicle of status with strong, dynamic, prestige styling
    C Triomphe takes the form of a notchback saloon, 4.8 m long and 1.77 m wide. It is a car of real personality and presence, with exclusive, high-status design.

    This new saloon reflects CitroŽn's style cues. The lines are elegant, flowing and harmonious. The chrome trim running the length of the waist line emphasises the prestige looks of C Triomphe and clearly identifies it as a vehicle of status. The boomerang-shaped lights at the rear echo the shape of the headlamps. The front and rear are linked by a chrome strip that underlines the spacious boot.
    The car has a reassuring, protective look with its body style, 16" wheels, high waistline and imposing rear overhang.

    A new benchmark for comfort and space
    The interior design places the emphasis on space, well-being and comfort to create a relaxed in-car ambience.

    With its long 2.71 m wheelbase, C Triomphe is exceptionally spacious. It sets a new standard in rear space, with its generous leg room. The ergonomic seats of C Triomphe are designed to provide exceptional comfort, by damping vertical vibrations. The driver and front passenger seats are electrically controlled. At the same time, C Triomphe features exceptional boot capacity of 513 litres VDA. The practical layout of the boot is further enhanced by the 60:40 split/fold rear seat.
    The sophisticated interior design is highlighted by the light-coloured leather upholstery, fitted from the second level of trim, and the wood finish on the dashboard and door panels. Practical stowage compartments are placed around the cabin, including drawers under the rear seat. The glovebox can be cooled, and a 5-CD stacker is available under the rear seat between the two drawers.

    Particular attention has been given to acoustic and thermal comfort. Air conditioning (automatic from the second level of trim) is standard. At the same time, to further improve comfort for rear passengers, an air blower fitted in the central armrest diffuses air towards the rear. The output can be adjusted and air vents make it possible to direct the flow of air. Completing this array of equipment, C Triomphe is equipped with a sunblind for the rear window.

    Innovations for onboard comfort and relaxed driving

    Like the C4, C Triomphe boasts a host of innovations in driving ergonomics and on-board comfort. It features many modern, efficient driving aids designed for easy, relaxed driving.

    The ergonomic driving position features a fixed-centred controls steering wheel. The fixed hub groups the main comfort functions and driving aids. This layout places the emphasis on ergonomics and easy use, thus promoting driving pleasure and safety.
    The steering wheel is associated with a display unit of original design in which driving information (vehicle speed, speed limiter and cruise control settings, etc.) is shown on a translucent strip in the centre of the dashboard. The display contrast adjusts instantly to the light to provide perfect legibility is perfect in all circumstances, by day and night, in full sunlight or in darkness.

    C Triomphe also boasts a number of other features that are new or rare on the Chinese market:

    - a speed limiter and cruise control, standard across the range;

    - Xenon dual-function directional headlamps, active in the low-beam and high-beam positions, to improve lighting and visibility when cornering. In this way, they improve safety and enhance driveability at night. They are coupled with telescopic headlamps washers that are fully integrated with the styling of the front bumper;

    - a scented air freshener, integrated with the design of the dashboard, lets the driver customise the odour environment with a wide choice of refined and subtle fragrances.
    At the same time, C Triomphe is equipped as standard with fog lamps, electric door mirrors and rear parking assistance.

    Exceptionally polished road manners
    Manufactured on platform 2 of the PSA Peugeot CitroŽn Group, the C4 is a reference for roadholding and active safety.

    C Triomphe shares the running gear of this platform. It is equipped with variable power steering as standard. The braking system comprises four discs, two of which are ventilated at the front. At the same time, dedicated stability and braking assistance/control functions provide exceptional roadholding. ABS, electronic brakeforce distribution, emergency braking assistance and the automatic illumination of hazard warning lights are standard. ESP is standard from the second level of trim.

    A reliable and reassuring vehicle
    The C4 also sets high standards in passive safety, as illustrated by its excellent results in EuroNCAP crash tests. C Triomphe also shares the structural reinforcements of platform 2. Like the C4, it boasts a wide range of features in this area. These include an additional impact absorber at the front end of the subframe to distribute energy more effectively in the event of frontal impact. At the same time, the boot effectively absorbs rear impact.

    C Triomphe is fitted as standard with a driver airbag (shape-optimised thanks to the fixed centre of the steering wheel) and front passenger airbag. It also features driver and front passenger chest airbags with curtain airbags for passengers at the front and rear. Seatbelts with three anchor points, pyrotechnic pretensioners and force limiters are also standard.


    Dynamic performance with the 150 bhp DIN 2.0i petrol engine

    C Triomphe is equipped with the 2.0I engine developing 108 kW EEC (150 bhp DIN), which meets Euro IV standards. This engine is mated to an automatic sequential or manual gearbox. The 2.0i 16V engine develops maximum torque of 200 Nm at 4,000 rpm. It features continuously variable valve timing (VVT) to optimise filling of the combustion chambers at all engine speeds. Torque of 170 Nm, almost 85% of the maximum torque available, is supplied from 2,000 rpm, providing exceptional driveability.

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    It looks like quite a nice little car IMO

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    I see Echo sedan with an A4 c-pillar.

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    Other pictures on:

    Very strange shape!!!

    But I don't dislike it!

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    Doesn't work, a bit like the 206 sedan we don't get here. Sedans need to be designed from the ground up, not just add a boot to an existing hatch.

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    That ugly thing should blend in with all the other bland cars on the road perfectly

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    Quote Originally Posted by DoubleChevron
    That ugly thing should blend in with all the other bland cars on the road perfectly
    It's not that bad. At least it doesn't look like the 206 and 307 sedans. Now they are ugly!
    Cheers Simon

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    Quote Originally Posted by kermit
    It's not that bad. At least it doesn't look like the 206 and 307 sedans. Now they are ugly!
    You can say that again. I think ALL 206 and 307's are ugly. Peogeot's styling is going downhill like BMW's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by B E R E T
    You can say that again. I think ALL 206 ..... ugly.
    I think you are very lonely with this opinion.
    Over 5.3 million Peugeot 206s sold, the most succesful french car ever.
    Peugeot doesn't sell the 206s with arguments like ultra reliable or lots of status.

    They simply sell because they are beautiful!

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