The Whale gets a new Spark out of life!
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    Default The Whale gets a new Spark out of life!

    Just want to mention that the Legendary Moby Dick is now cruising around with a "123" electronic ignition on board.

    First impressions are more than favourable. The engine is quite noticeably smoother, and feels like it's pulling harder low down. Revs cleanly to 5000, beyond which I don't feel the need to go at this stage. It even looks almost indistinguishable from the original, and I like the fact that it apparently uses a standard Bosch cap and rotor. Nice touch!

    Fuel consumption figures will accumulate after a while and I'll report back then.

    If anyone wants more info on these units they can PM me.

    This is not intended to be an advert for these by the way. Given the nature of this forum I think it's appropriate, however, for members to share their experiences with such add-on devices. (And no, I'm not selling them!)

    More news as it comes to hand!


    Cheers, Pottsy.

    PS: They're available for 03 and 04 Pugs as well, not to mention Minis, Volvos and 2CV's.
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    Default Fat Sparks


    Pleased to hear that you have made the step. Not cheap but the performance is much better. I've had one on our DSpecial for about 6 months and had it on for the 50th run. No going back to the old dizzy.

    There was a big debate about these on the yahoo forum and I believe that they are better than a brand new distributor.

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    I am seriously considering one for my D. May even have Ted Cross bring one with him to Cit In and fit it there. Would be a good comparison.
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    If I didn't have a Crane system in the DS I would seriously consider one of these too - a friend has just had one put in his SM - not cheap, but way simpler than the complicated twin coil/twin points sytem originally fitted - and he is very happy with it.

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